… In Which I Interview Myself in Two Vastly Different Visions of my Authorial Future.

The Ridiculously Successful Future: Setting: Two people sit on armchairs in a lounge room. There is a pleasant view out the large double doors behind them, revealing a lawn and some tall trees. The walls of the room are covered by shelves stacked high with hardback books. Ian: Hi folks, and welcome back to “Meet the Author”. On today’s show, I’m interviewing I H Laking, a […]

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Qan’s Adventure: Free This Weekend!

Good news! My fantasy short story Qan’s Adventure is going to be free all weekend, and I’d love you to help me get the word out there. In between writing Mrs Milliard’s Mech & The Vanishing Villa, I took time out to look at my wider plan for the world of the Empire. The result of that time out was Qan’s Adventure, which looks at […]

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3 Things I’ve Learnt About Self Publishing.

Recently I wrote a short reflection on what I’ve learnt as a writer so far, and today I wanted to focus on the other side of my writing coin: Self Publishing. I won’t go about everything I’ve learnt, but here are a few tips that I think are cool. 1. Self Publishing is super easy. Yes, would you believe it? I was amazed by how easy […]

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Mansfield Manor: The Beginning of the End.

It’s almost complete! My storyline of first murder mystery is nearing its climax, which is a fantastic feeling. The main issue I have now is making sure that I’ve bought all of the characters into the story effectively, and kept a consistent narrative around the murder. This afternoon I’m focusing on a couple of scenes that I skimmed through, and finishing the story off well. […]

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Mansfield Manor: How a story grows and develops.

I’m now into my third week of writing for my first draft of The Murder at Mansfield Manor, and it’s been real. My first murder mystery has developed quite differently from my last story, where I found myself having to retrace my steps a lot during the drafting process. This time, I’ve found that initial planning has helped me to keep my focus clear and […]

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