Novel Writing 9: Endgame.

“And so we enter… endgame.” It’s all coming down the wire now, and I’m finding myself heading into the final few chapters of my novel with a sense of excitement – which is a good thing! I’ve found that exciting writing is similar to exciting reading. In the same sense that I just can’t put a good book down, I find that when I hit […]

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Novel Writing 8: the Second Novel Rolls On

It’s been a long time coming! My last post related to novel writing was almost two months ago now. At that stage, I was plunging into the first draft of my second novel. So, what’s happened in these past 60 days? Well, quite a lot! I attended the Melbourne Writers Festival, took part in a Writers Victoria¬†publishing intensive, and generally got to know more about […]

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How Many Drafts Must a Writer Draft?

Love this!

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Three reasons why you should connect with your local writing community.

Before you read any further, I want to be clear: no one paid me to write this! It’s simply a reflection on the past year in my writing life. You see, my Writers Victoria membership has just come up for renewal. When I first joined it was because I was submitting my manuscript for assessment. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but as it turns […]

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Back to the Start.

Sometimes it’s helpful to go back to where it all began. Today, I found myself back in the place where I started writing. It wasn’t a physical location, though: it was the first location in the Empire that I ever wrote about: the capital city of Traville. It’s a strange feeling writing about Traville again because I haven’t written about it for about a year […]

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