New Website Design is Live!

Welcome to my new website! Sometimes, self publishing is very rewarding. You get to see your work get out there easily and you have a lot of creative control over the editing process. There are other times when it’s not so great to be self published, such as when you’re frantically trying to figure out how you add social media buttons to the website that […]

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Creating, not consuming.

I’ve had a great revelation during my time writing this year. That revelation is about how I spend my free time. You see, I’ve always been involved in creative pursuits, specifically music, since I was very young. I sung in choirs, played lead roles in school productions, and (most importantly) started playing guitar when I was 15 – an instrument that played a large role my […]

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My Writing is a Rhythm.

I write to the beat of my life. Recently, I ran my second Marathon. I’ve been a long distance runner for a few years, and I love it. Running is all about rhythm. You get your stride right, lean forward, and attempt to run with some degree of grace and style. I love the feeling that you get about 30 minutes into a long run […]

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Mansfield Manor: Reviewing & Reworking.

Time is ticking! Mansfield Manor has now been sitting in its first edit form for a few weeks. Thankfully it hasn’t been all quiet on the writing front, with great feedback coming from those who’ve read it so far, including some suggestions for clarity and flow. I’m looking forward to getting back to writing soon, especially since I have a novel outline, world history, character […]

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What Went Wrong Went Mrs Milliard’s Mech: New Cover is Live!

The new cover for What Went Wrong With Mrs Milliard’s Mech is complete! Check it out! The new cover for What Went Wrong With Mrs Milliard’s Mech? features a scene from Mrs Milliard’s bakery with Inspector Ambrose and the Mech. This is the second cover I’ve had done through Artcorgi and once again I’m really happy with the result. I’m really happy with the result of this collaboration. […]

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