I’ve got a long way to go: my experience as a writer so far.

It’s been a wild few months. Around June this year, I decided to try my hand writing fiction. I had been writing my blog for the past few months, but an idea for a short story had been milling around in my head for quite some time. With my wife away for the weekend, I decided to put my head down and smash it out […]

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Mansfield Manor: The Drafting Process.

My latest short story continues to take shape. The Murder at Mansfield Manor is taking a long time to start – and that’s because I’m determined to get the foundations right before I get into my storytelling. The main issue I encountered with my previous story, The Vanishing Villa, was a lack of clarity around the exact order of events, and how they should play […]

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Updates & a Great Day on Amazon!

Today was surprisingly productive! I spent this afternoon doing a thorough second edit of The Vanishing Villa for style and clarity. I shaved around 300 words off the manuscript, and there are certain points of the story that flow better now. I also got a bit more work done on Mansfield Manor, but the more I work on it, the longer it seems like it’s […]

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Mansfield Manor: First Look & 2500 Words.

The Murder at Mansfield Manor is beginning to take shape. Tonight I finessed my timeline, and then dug in to write 2,500 words. It’s definitely looking likely that this story will run to 20,000 words at this rate. I’m happy with the way things have started out, and now it’s about getting in to writing over the coming weeks. Since things have started coming together […]

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Free EBooks & First Milestones

It’s now three days into the free promotion period for The Vanishing Villa, and over 150 people have downloaded a free copy. I’m happy with how things have gone, it’s awesome to know that somewhere out there, someone is (hopefully) reading and (potentially) enjoying one of my stories. Feel free to grab a copy – it won’t be free again for a long time! And if you, […]

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