Mansfield Manor: The Release Date Cometh.

48 hours. That’s all the time left until The Murder at Mansfield Manor is released! It’s also (ironically?) the amount of time Inspector Ambrose has to solve the most complex mystery I’ve written. I’m actually surprisingly nervous leading up to this release. With all my other Inspector Ambrose stories, I’ve found their release to be low-key. For some reason, I’ve found myself excited for this release. […]

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Getting Technical: SEO Optimisation & Other Tactics.

It’s all about tactics. As a self-published author, I rely on my own marketing and communication skills to get my work out there – no one else is writing a strategy for me. With this in mind, I’ve been trying a few different tactics of late to increase the downloads of my eBooks from Amazon. Here are a few of the things that have worked […]

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Novel Writing 2: Halfway Through.

Halfway. It’s a bit crazy, but halfway is where I’ve found myself on the journey towards writing my first full-length novel. Over the past few weeks, I’ve pumped out over 35,000 words, and my writing is still ramping up. As I mentioned in my previous post, my planning has really come in handy as I know where I’m heading with my storyline and character development. What I’m finding […]

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The Vanishing Villa: Free all Weekend!

Good news, everyone! As part of the lead up to the launch of The Murder at Mansfield Manor, The Vanishing Villa is free all weekend! This means that you can get the first two Inspector Ambrose mysteries free if you move fast! Grab your copy today, and enjoy. 🙂

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Strong Female Characters: The Gap in my Writing.

Finding a plot hole is a tough thing. As a writer, I’m as close to my work as anyone could possibly get. I mean… I wrote it. When you’re really close to something, it’s often hard to see problems with it. The recent advent of International Women’s Day got me thinking about what I write about, and more specifically who I write about. And I […]

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