All About I. H. Laking (Me!)

Welcome! I’m a self-published Kiwi author who lives in Melbourne, Australia, and I’ve been bringing people together through stories all my life.

Whether it was my first role on stage as the grumpy elephant in my primary school play, reading mystery and fantasy novels, or telling tales through music and theatre in high school, I spent my childhood sharing stories. Making the awkward transition to adulthood, I didn’t realise how storytelling would impact my life. I found my voice as a musician before moving into telling stories to motivate young people to make a change in their world.

But it was in fiction that I finally found the courage to tell stories close to my heart; stories that can connect people to human truths which run across cultures, age, and beliefs. I have a series of fantasy novellas out on Amazon, and am working towards publishing my first full-length novel – so come with me on the journey by signing up to my email newsletter here.

One response to “All About I. H. Laking (Me!)”

  1. Dhruv says:

    Hey man,

    I came across your post on reddit – – and found it pretty interesting. I use Twitter for book recommendations quite a bit. To make my life easier, I created a site called which automatically sends me book recs from my twitter network. I would be interested in chatting with you about how authors like yourself utilize Twitter to grow their audience and brand. In the process of building ParrotRead, I basically have an intimate view of what any public user profile on Twitter is reading / recommending. I could for example find all the twitter profiles interested in steampunk fantasy. I’d love to grow Parrotread, and if I can help indie authors on Twitter better reach their audience, why not 🙂

    Let me know if you are interested in chatting further…

    Good luck with your writing either way!


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