Qan’s Adventure: Free This Weekend!

Good news! My fantasy short story Qan’s Adventure is going to be free all weekend, and I’d love you to help me get the word out there.

In between writing Mrs Milliard’s Mech & The Vanishing Villa, I took time out to look at my wider plan for the world of the Empire. The result of that time out was Qan’s Adventure, which looks at the Eastern Empire; a land far removed from Ambrose, Percy and the city of Traville.

My plan for the Empire has never been for it to only feature detective stories. Many complex characters and fascinating secrets are waiting to be uncovered, and two key characters are featured in this story.

If you’ve got a spare hour or two this weekend, grab yourself a copy here! And once you have, do me the biggest favour you possibly could, and write a short (hopefully somewhat positive) review – it’s like giving me a big hug, or a wonderful birthday present!

Qan’s adventure isn’t long, but it’s a small taster for what’s to come in the Empire. I hope you like it. Or at least don’t hate it.

Either way, leave a review!

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