The Reddit Residency.

Happy holidays, everyone! This is just a short post to let you all know that I’ve taken up an online holiday “residency” on Reddit! During the coming weeks I’ll be posting writing responses in the r/WritingPrompts subreddit, which is dedicated to giving people prompts to write short pieces from. My regular planing and writing is still in full swing, but if you’ve been waiting for […]

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Novel Planning 1: Mapping it out.

So far, my writing has consisted of a series of Novellas and one Short Story. I’ve really had fun developing the world of the Empire through these stories, but I’ve now moved into a more serious phase of planning for my first major work – a novel centred around the Empire and the central events of its history. I’ve made sure that the stories of The […]

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How I grew my Twitter Follower Count from 50 to 5,000.

Last week I wrote about 5 key things that I’ve learnt on my journey to 5,000 Twitter followers. In response to that post I received quite a few questions about how I actually got 5,000 followers. So, this is my uncensored account of how I grew my following on Twitter – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ll preface this by saying that there are some […]

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Celebrating 1,000 Downloads of Mrs Milliard’s Mech!

Wow. So I just did some quick calculations, and somehow (without me realising it) Mrs Milliard’s Mech has been downloaded over 1,000 times from Amazon! That’s pretty amazing considering that when I started out writing, I was pretty sure no one would ever bother to download my work. Since then, I’ve released another novella and a short story, as well as having my third Inspector […]

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5 Key Things I’ve Learned on my Journey to 5,000 Twitter Followers.

90 days ago, I had 26 Twitter followers. Today, I hit 5,000 followers. Growing my Twitter presence has been a wild ride, and today I’d like to share five key things I’ve learned on my social media journey as a self-published author. When I started out on Twitter, my content was generally seen by 50 people per day, and around 1 or 2 of those people would engage with […]

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