Mansfield Manor: The Beginning of the End.

It’s almost complete!

My storyline of first murder mystery is nearing its climax, which is a fantastic feeling. The main issue I have now is making sure that I’ve bought all of the characters into the story effectively, and kept a consistent narrative around the murder. This afternoon I’m focusing on a couple of scenes that I skimmed through, and finishing the story off well.

It’s nice to be¬†approaching the end of the initial creative process. This story is going to be both the longest and (in my opinion) the most complex Inspector Ambrose story yet, and it’s been taxing to weave all the twists I’ve wanted through the narrative.

With a little luck, it’ll be first draft complete by the dinnertime. Cross your fingers; I know my draft-writing is your number 1 priority!

In somewhat related news, The Vanishing Villa got a smashing 4-star review this week! You check it out here.

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