Narrative: My Answer to the ‘King Club’

Today I thought I’d take a step back from what I’m writing and talk a bit about how I write. Over the past years, I’ve had a number of conversations with people regarding the best approach for writing a narrative. One thing is clear in my observation: no two writers work in the same way, and there’s no such thing as the ‘perfect’ way to write a plot. […]

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The Clockwork Dungeon: A New Inspector Ambrose Story.

He’s back. After reaching the end of my third novel, I’ve now found myself back at the beginning: writing a story about my original character, the incorrigible Inspector Ambrose. This new story will see Ambrose returning to Traville after his previous outing at Mansfield Manor. I’ll be using a wide array of characters once more, and this time I’m hoping to challenge the reader to […]

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The Inbetweeners: My Experience With Post-Novel Fatigue.

I never thought this would happen. Six weeks have passed since I signed off on my novel series. In my mind, I figured that I’d just walk away, and move onto my next project. I already have a storyline plotted out for another Inspector Ambrose story. But strangely, I’ve found myself stuck. It’s not a confidence thing, or writer’s block. It’s not even the fact […]

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The Right Result: A New Short Story.

Happy Monday, everyone! Today, I’m pleased to share my latest short story with you – conscious that I haven’t posted a lot of new work of late, with my continuing focus on my novel drafts. The Right Result is a short story I’ve entered in the NYC Midnight short story competition. As such, there were specific criteria: the story had to be under 2,500 words, […]

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Novel Writing 11: A New Story Takes Shape.

And so it rolls on. I’m now 20,000 words into my third novel – and that number feels like its come out of nowhere. About ten months ago, I started writing my first novel proper, after much preparation. I ran quite hard to complete the first draft for each of the two novels within a few months each, and then did some intense refining to […]

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