Novel Writing 1: The Sprint.

25,000. That’s not a number I thought I’d be seeing anytime soon. But as I near the end of my second week of novel writing proper, I’ve found myself racing along, and my first draft is coming along at speed. The main reason for this rate of progress comes back to planning. I’ve been able to use the backstory and synopsis I wrote over the […]

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The Murder at Mansfield Manor is Available for Pre-Order!

I’m excited to announce that pre-orders are now open for The Murder at Mansfield Manor! There are a number of reasons why I’m pumped about this release: This novella marks a turning point for my writing. Previously I was focused on writing for older children. This novella is my first attempt at a purely Young Adult audience. This is my most complex and in-depth piece yet. […]

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The Murder at Mansfield Manor: Cover Design Reveal!

The release date for The Murder at Mansfield Manor is fast approaching! I’m super excited about my latest Inspector Ambrose mystery, which I believe is my most well-crafted mystery so far. As part of the build up to the eBook release, I’m revealing the cover. Check it out! The cover for  The Murder at Mansfield Manor features the discover of a body at Mansfield Manor. It’s a pivotal moment […]

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Today: The day I Start Writing my First Novel.

So that’s it, then. As I sit here at my writing station, I’ve realised that the time has come. For the past few months, I’ve written outlines, created back stories, drawn maps, and developed character and story arcs. I’ve considered how a story might flow across a series of novels, and found ways to set the scene for this in the Inspector Ambrose series and […]

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Mansfield Manor: Cover Under Construction!

The cover design for The Murder at Mansfield Manor is now well underway, with a comprehensive brief in at Artcorgi, and the artist hard at work. I’ve had a different artist for each cover in the Inspector Ambrose series, and for this cover, I’ve chosen to work with Blacksmiley. I love the artist’s clean, simple style. I’ve included a sneak peek of the draft cover here: […]

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