Novel Writing 2: Halfway Through.


It’s a bit crazy, but halfway is where I’ve found myself on the journey towards writing my first full-length novel. Over the past few weeks, I’ve pumped out over 35,000 words, and my writing is still ramping up.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my planning has really come in handy as I know where I’m heading with my storyline and character development. What I’m finding though, is that some of my story planning in principle isn’t going to work in practice. As a result I’ve combined some chapters, split a few others, and generally had to freestyle a bit. I’ve found that you can’t easily ‘bend’ a conversation to go where you want it to if it isn’t natural – the same with scenes.

But in general, the story is heading exactly where I want it to. So that’s a huge relief. At the moment I’m at a critical story juncture, so I’ve stopped to assess how my main character is going to deal with everything that’s going down. Then I’ll be pressing on into the second half of this manuscript.

Wish me luck

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4 responses to “Novel Writing 2: Halfway Through.”

  1. Tori J. says:

    Congrats! That’s an awesome achievement.

  2. Keep going ! The hard work pays off

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