Novel Writing 1: The Sprint.


That’s not a number I thought I’d be seeing anytime soon. But as I near the end of my second week of novel writing proper, I’ve found myself racing along, and my first draft is coming along at speed.

The main reason for this rate of progress comes back to planning. I’ve been able to use the backstory and synopsis I wrote over the summer to give myself a basic idea of where things are headed. This has made it a lot easier when I’ve been uncertain as to where to go next. I also wrote a couple of key scenes from the story over the summer, so with some minor tweaking I’ve joined these into what I’ve written in the past days.

The goal for this first draft is to finish around 80,000 words all up, before moving into a first edit and proofreading phase. I’m happy with my progress!

In other news, The Murder at Mansfield Manor is doing really well in pre-sales (by my standards, anyway), so thank you for all your support – it means a lot!

Now it’s back to writing for me!

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