The Clockwork Dungeon: A New Inspector Ambrose Story.

He’s back. After reaching the end of my third novel, I’ve now found myself back at the beginning: writing a story about my original character, the incorrigible Inspector Ambrose. This new story will see Ambrose returning to Traville after his previous outing at Mansfield Manor. I’ll be using a wide array of characters once more, and this time I’m hoping to challenge the reader to […]

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Novel Writing 6: The Next Chapter Cometh.

And so I plunge on through wind and snow, sleet and silence. That’s a dramatic way of saying the first draft of my next novel is springing to life. That’s not to say that I’ve finished work on my first novel, but I’ve decided to leave my previous work to stew for a couple of weeks while I get the next part of the story […]

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Novel Writing 5: Beta Readers Unite!

Was it meant to feel like this? Last night I hit send on a bunch of emails to my beta readers. It’s been a few day since I wrapped up the first draft of my debut novel, and after a solid edit, the text is now in the hands of real people for its first road test. I won’t lie – it’s a nerve-wracking thing to hand over […]

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This Weekend Only: Get The Murder at Mansfield Manor for Free!

Happy Friday everyone! I haven’t been putting a lot of blog entries in these past weeks due to other commitments, but today I have some exciting news: This weekend, you can download a copy of The Murder at Mansfield Manor FREE! Yup, that’s it, free. I’m always keen to get my work out to as many new readers as possible, and this weekend will give people […]

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