The Clockwork Dungeon: A New Inspector Ambrose Story.

He’s back.

After reaching the end of my third novel, I’ve now found myself back at the beginning: writing a story about my original character, the incorrigible Inspector Ambrose.

This new story will see Ambrose returning to Traville after his previous outing at Mansfield Manor. I’ll be using a wide array of characters once more, and this time I’m hoping to challenge the reader to think about the answers a little more. In that sense, this story will be more focused on an older audience.

At the moment, I’m expecting to bring the story in around the 20,000 word mark, similar to the previous two stories. I’ve knocked off 1,500 words thus far, and will be charging ahead in the coming days. As always, I’ll keep updating this blog as I go, so do follow along to keep track of where everything’s going, and the challenges I face along the way.

Wish me luck!


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