Novel Writing 6: The Next Chapter Cometh.

And so I plunge on through wind and snow, sleet and silence.

That’s a dramatic way of saying the first draft of my next novel is springing to life. That’s not to say that I’ve finished work on my first novel, but I’ve decided to leave my previous work to stew for a couple of weeks while I get the next part of the story out of my head.

I’m almost 20,000 words into the new novel, with my aim being around the 90,000 word mark this time. That total will come down in editing, but there’s a lot of content I need to get through so this story really sings. I mentioned in my last post, I’ve got quite a few options for where I could focus my time, and I’m keen to make sure I give my full attention to one project at a time. For the next while, that will be my second novel; then I’ll return to editing my manuscript as per my beta reading feedback.

There’s a lot going on, and I’ll keep you to date as things progress! Thanks for staying with me on the journey.

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