Taking the Leap: Manuscript Assessment

This week, I’ve decided to take a big leap. I’m sure many other self-published authors out there know the tension of investing money in their work. After a discussion with a colleague of mine, T. R. Milne (who recently released her debut novel – check it out here), I’ve decided to invest in a manuscript assessment. The plan is to assess all three of the […]

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Novel Planning: Building a World, Writing a History.

Now that revisions are at play for The Murder at Mansfield Manor, I’m moving into in-depth planning for my novel focused on the Empire. The Inspector Ambrose Mysteries gave me a chance to explore parts of the Empire, and to think about how its structures, people and groups work together. As I’ve been writing the stories these past months, I’ve also been thinking about¬†depth. In […]

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Mansfield Manor: It’s a wrap!

After a long two months of writing, I’ve finally finished my initial draft and first edit of The Murder at Mansfield Manor! It’s been a slow boil for Mansfield Manor these past few weeks, with my participation in the Melbourne Marathon taking a lot my attention away from writing. It feels good to be at a place where the storyline is consistent, the characters developed […]

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Seeking Five Reviews…

Five: The magic number. With What Went Wrong With Mrs Milliard’s Mech now permanently free on Amazon.com, I’ve begun the task of hunting down five reviews. I’m currently on one from when I originally released the short story, but four more will enable me to get marketing the book through websites and mailing lists that have a minimum number of reviews required before you can […]

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Mrs Milliard’s Mech is now a free eBook forever!

This week I made a big call: I decided to make my original eBook, What Went Wrong With Mrs Milliard’s Mech?¬†free forever. I’ve toyed around with Amazon’s KDP Select program for the past 3 months, and whilst I understand the benefits of being in the program, right now my number one priority is getting people to read (and for love of all that is holy, […]

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