Novel Writing 14: Overtime.

75,000 words.

Overnight I officially hit a new word count milestone, marking my third novel as my longest yet – and with around twelve chapters to go (by my approximation), there’s no sign of things letting up anytime soon. Current estimates put me in around the 100,000 word mark(!) before editing.

Considering that I was wondering about splitting this novel in half at one stage, I’ve done well to pull it back, and on balance, I feel great about how things are going.

In fact, I feel fantastic.

There’s a point in time when I’m writing that I get into a groove, and the story just flows. Currently, I’m right there: all the pieces of the various plots are coming together, and I’m ready to drive the story home. It’s taken a little longer to get to a conclusion than I expected, but it’s been well worth the time taken.

So here’s to overtime, and the completion of this epic adventure!

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