A Dozen Small Changes Part II: A Valuable Lesson.

Updates, updates, updates.

I’ve been hard at work enacting changes to my Inspector Ambrose stories these past few days – and the challenge hasn’t lessened as I’ve moved through the process. The main difficulty┬áI’m facing is around pacing, as I have to add in more information and backstory to make the three stories work as one complete series without slowing them down too much.

I’ve added in some small pieces of information to Mrs Milliard’s Mech in order to at least tie the first two stories together, and now I’m working on giving more context to The Vanishing Villa. The last piece of work will involve adding an extra scene or two into The Murder at Mansfield Manor.

The main lesson I’ve learnt from this is around planning ahead. I wrote Mrs Milliard’s Mech in a very short amount of time, before I developed a lot of the depth to the society of the Empire, before I drew a map, and before I established the main timeline I’d like to use for my novel. The key for me here is to make sure that the novel is complete in and of itself, with no parts left out early on, lest I have to go back for more rewriting.

A valuable lesson to learn early on.

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