The Lull: A General Update.

The calm after the storm.

July was a quiet month on the writing front for me. I spent the first half of the month twiddling my thumbs whilst waiting on beta readers to send me feedback on my manuscript, and then moved on to more detailed planning for my second novel. Even though July officially marked the one year anniversary of my entrance into the world of self-publishing, I was more focused on the future than the past.

I was reflecting on the fact that this is the most in-between time I’ve ever experienced in my writing career so far. When I finished each of my Inspector Ambrose novellas, I had a plan for what I was going to write next. In my current situation, I’ve finished my novel manuscript, and now face a choice around where I place my focus. It’s a lull, and one that has me considering my next moves. The stories that are waiting to be written include two Inspector Ambrose mysteries, the full transcript of my Twitter story (Qan’s Training being the working title for that), and of course, my second novel, which follows on directly from the first.

Currently, I’m leaping into the second novel, which has arrested my attention somewhat, but I’ll be looking at pumping out one of the Inspector Ambrose stories at some stage when I need some light relief!

The Melbourne Writers Festival is on this month as well, so I’ll be down there checking things out. Sing out if you’re around!

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