Editing Update.

Hello everyone, and a fine Mahok to you all!

2017 is racing by and so this update comes to you from the middle of June, after much has happened and little has been updated. Today, I want to share where I’m up to with my novel manuscript so that you can get a handle on how things are going, and what you can expect in the future outside of my novel-length material.

It’s been a few years since I started writing fiction, and in 2016 I made the decision to forego self-publishing my first full-length novel, and try my hand at traditional publishing instead. This resulted in quite the journey for me. I began with classes on pitching my novel, and then dove into a Literary Speed Dating event. The Speed Dating went well, and everyone I pitched to was interested in reading more, which was encouraging. While I wasn’t successful in getting my manuscript picked up through this process, I did learn one thing: in order to move ahead, I needed help.

So my hunt for an editor began in earnest. I contacted a series of editors who each referred me on until I found someone who came highly recommended, had a great track record, and was available to work with me. Alison Arnold is a fabulous editor, having previously worked on The Rosie Project & numerous other works. I’ll write up a full review of my experience with Alison once I get through my initial edits, but the headline is that it’s been fantastic, and worth every penny.

Outside of editing, I’ve been planning a story set in the wider world outside the Empire, as well as jotting down notes for where Inspector Ambrose & Felicity Aramis will head next – I think it’ll be a cracking story once it’s done.

Till next time, ciao!

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