2017, here we go!

I’m back, baby!

After a break from blogging during January, I’m pleased to be on board for 2017. I left 2016 on a cliffhanger plot twist the likes of which I enjoy putting in my writing, but not so much in my release dates. So, without further ado, here’s what’s coming up in 2017:

1. The Clockwork Dungeon

After delays pushed back the preorder release, things are back on track, and nearing the final stages. I’ll announce the release here and on my social channels when it happens. Thanks for your patience with this!

2. Editing, editing, editing!

Outside of The Clockwork Dungeon, I’m heading back to the editing board for my first novel, armed with a whole lot of beta reader feedback, and hopefully some professional help. More details to come.

3. The Morning Bell Podcast

For those who don’t know, I started co-hosting¬†The Morning Bell podcast¬†last year. This year I’m on board from the start of the season, and looking forward to trying a few new things out with Joel and Luke. Exciting times ahead!

4. Website redesign & regular blogs

Having attempted to move over to wordpress.org, I’ll be beating a hasty retreat to my regular wordpress.com site later this year, which will mean a new website – keep your eyes peeled.

Apart from that, this year will involve lots of writing, plenty of reading, and hopefully a lot of conversation; something the world desperately needs more of these days.

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