The Clockwork Dungeon: Release Delay

Hi everyone,

Due to a variety of family and health reasons, there’s going to be a delay to the release of The Clockwork Dungeon. There’s still some minor work to be done on this title, and since I don’t want to put any work out there that isn’t perfect, I’ve had to make the call to push the release date back.

Amazon only gives me the option of cancelling the pre-release for The Clockwork Dungeon, rather than delaying it, so some of you may have received an email saying I’ve decided to not release the book – this isn’t correct; the release has just been delayed.

I’m now looking at a release date around February to make sure I have enough time to make the final tweaks. There won’t be a pre-order this time, I’ll just announce once the story is live.

Thanks for your ongoing support, and my apologies for the delay. Have a happy holidays, and keep an eye out for more updates from me soon.

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