Mansfield Manor: The Release Date Cometh.

48 hours.

That’s all the time left until The Murder at Mansfield Manor is released! It’s also (ironically?) the amount of time Inspector Ambrose has to solve the most complex mystery I’ve written.

I’m actually surprisingly nervous leading up to this release. With all my other Inspector Ambrose stories, I’ve found their release to be low-key. For some reason, I’ve found myself excited for this release. It’s the first time I’ve done a pre-order for one of my stories, and people have actually pre-ordered it. That’s a little scary because I’ve promised to deliver something good on April 1, and I find the fact that someone would shell out in advance to get my eBook delivered on day one both humbling and exciting.

This week has marked a couple of other special moments: First, I passed 5,000 downloads of my eBooks. That’s a crazy thought which I’ll put up a dedicated post about later. Second, Mrs Milliard’s Mech & The Vanishing Villa took off on Amazon UK better than they ever have before (at the time of this post, Mrs Milliard’s Mech was one of the top 500 free eBooks), which marks the first success I’ve had outside of Amazon US.

So I’m sitting here now, two days out from Mansfield Manor going live, feeling like things are in a good place. Thank you for all your support everyone, it means so much. I hope you enjoy the latest mystery as much as I enjoyed pulling it together.

You can check out more about the creation of The Murder at Mansfield Manor here. You can also pre-order a copy here – I’ve priced it at 99 cents to encourage people to grab a copy early!

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