A Dozen Small Changes: Editing The Inpector Ambrose Mysteries.

Lots of small improvements are afoot!

Following on from the recent arrival of my Manuscript Assessment, I’ve moved into full revision and editing mode for The Inspector Ambrose Mysteries. The story that will be getting the most attention will be Mrs Milliard’s Mech, which is the shortest of the three mysteries by far.

The main narrative will remain the same, but there are parts of the wider narrative of the Empire which I hadn’t fully fleshed out when I write the original mystery, such as the social structures and in-depth history of the wider world the Empire resides in. So the challenge is how to fit in extra (highly necessary) information without slowing the flow of the story.

The other stories will receive minor tweaks before I compile them. The release of The Murder at Mansfield Manor will also coincide with the release of the three stories as one complete eBook as well.

Exciting times ahead!

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