Novel Writing 9: Endgame.

“And so we enter… endgame.”

It’s all coming down the wire now, and I’m finding myself heading into the final few chapters of my novel with a sense of excitement – which is a good thing!

I’ve found that exciting writing is similar to exciting reading. In the same sense that I just can’t put a good book down, I find that when I hit the climatic point of a story, I’m so engaged that I find it hard to stop writing. It’s a great feeling, and I hope that same sense of urgency and intrigue comes through when people read my work.

Endgame is upon me, and I’m still left with a number of story issues to resolve. I also know I’ll have a lot of editing to do come the end of this story; not on my second novel, but on my first. so I’m looking forward to reaching the conclusion to this story over the weekend (hopefully).

I took to Twitter yesterday with a key question about one of my characters as well…

Based on this poll, I made my decision; but it’s not what you’d expect! Thanks so everyone who engages with me on Twitter, and for your ongoing support as well.

Now it’s back to endgame. Wish me luck!

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