#TwitterFiction Festival: When I’ll be in Action.

Great news!

The official schedule for the 2015 #TwitterFiction Festival has been released! You can check it out here.

As previously mentioned, I’ll be telling a story in three parts. I’ve been lucky enough to score primetime hours in Australia, from 6-7pm AEST. Of course, if you’re in the States, you’ll be able to catch me from 4-5am… so here’s to the night owls!

So just to recap:

The Last Lesson

Part I:   6-7pm AEST 12/5/15

Part II:  6-7pm AEST 13/5/15

Part III: 6-7pm AEST 14/5/15

Remember, the eastiest way to read the story is to sign up to The Last Lesson Twitter List. Now it’s back to writing for me. The story is coming together, but there’s plenty still to do before the 12th arrives!

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