The Murder at Mansfield Manor is LIVE!


It’s with a great sense of relief that I’m proud to announce the release of The Murder at Mansfield Manor!

I’m really happy with how The Murder at Mansfield Manor turned out. This story is the first novella I’ve written that’s targeted at a Young Adult audience, and it’s also the longest and most complex mystery I’ve thrown Inspector Ambrose into.  Because of my desire to get the most out of the story, I took a lot longer to release it than The Vanishing Villa and Mrs Milliard’s Mech. This approach allowed me to come back to my writing after a couple of months off and reassess how happy I was with flow, content, and tone.

If you haven’t already grabbed a copy of Mansfield Manor, please check it out! As for me, it’s back to writing my novel – but another Inspector Ambrose story is already brewing in the background…

Oh, one more thing: Thank you to everyone for your support. March was easily my most successful month on Amazon. I couldn’t have done it without the support of so many people.

So thank you.

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