The Murder at Mansfield Manor: Release Date & More!

Today I’m very excited to confirm that the release date for The Murder at Mansfield Manor will be on April 1 this year!

No jokes.

I’m stoked to be releasing this story out to the world, as I honestly believe it’s the best Inspector Ambrose story yet. Artwork is now underway for the cover, and I’ll be starting a pre-release page on Amazon soon. I’m currently running over the story for its final edit, alongside planning for my novel set in the Empire.

Set at Mansfield Manor, a place Ambrose remembers well from his childhood, this novella will place Inspector Ambrose directly in the path of a significant plot by the Assassin’s Guild. It’s one of the most complex plots I’ve written, and will also be longest of the three Inspector Ambrose stories, coming in at 26,000 words – longer than The Vanishing Villa, and double the length of Mrs Milliard’s Mech.

The best part about The Murder at Mansfield Manor is that it completes the original Inspector Ambrose trilogy, and sets things up nicely for the events of the novel I’ll be writing over the next wee while.

Be on the lookout for more details soon!

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