My Writing is a Rhythm.

I write to the beat of my life.

Recently, I ran my second Marathon. I’ve been a long distance runner for a few years, and I love it.

Running is all about rhythm. You get your stride right, lean forward, and attempt to run with some degree of grace and style. I love the feeling that you get about 30 minutes into a long run after you’ve pushed through the initial burst and settled into your stride – when you’re in that zone, it feels like you can run forever.

As I’ve been on my writing journey this year, I’ve found that the same sense of rhythm applies while I’m penning stories as well. Generally, I’ll sit down at my writing station and start plodding away, getting distracted here and there. But eventually, I’ll put my head down, and find myself really hitting a good stride where the words flow out easily, and scenes and descriptions form together well.

Another similarity with running is that I eventually get fatigued! I found this was the case as I sprinted to the finish of Mansfield Manor recently, but focus and determination got me through.

One other similarity with running is that I have to make time in my life with writing. I run early in the morning to make sure I fit it in my day, and with writing, I write last thing in the evening, when I’m winding down. It’s tough to do both running and writing, but each has a place in my life that I really value.

So here’s to many more years of both running and writing, and to the rhythm of life that drives them.

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