Mrs Milliard’s Mech is now a free eBook forever!

This week I made a big call: I decided to make my original eBook, What Went Wrong With Mrs Milliard’s Mech? free forever.

I’ve toyed around with Amazon’s KDP Select program for the past 3 months, and whilst I understand the benefits of being in the program, right now my number one priority is getting people to read (and for love of all that is holy, review) my work.

So it’s goodbye to KDP Select, and hello to a free eBook forever! I’ve published the work through Smashwords, and will now be working to get Amazon to price match the free book. You can help by going to the page for Mrs Milliard’s Mech here, clicking on “tell us about a lower price” under the Product Details section, and pasting in this Barnes & Noble link from here.

Thanks to everyone who’s read the story so far – here’s to more people taking that chance and getting into the world of Inspector Ambrose!

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