Free EBooks & First Milestones

It’s now three days into the free promotion period for The Vanishing Villa, and over 150 people have downloaded a free copy. I’m happy with how things have gone, it’s awesome to know that somewhere out there, someone is (hopefully) reading and (potentially) enjoying one of my stories. Feel free to grab a copy – it won’t be free again for a long time!

And if you, oh anonymous internet reader, felt inclined to also review your free copy of The Vanishing Villa, or tweet about it, or whatever, I would be eternally grateful!

While The Vanishing Villa has been rocking on the Amazon store, I’ve set about planning and writing for the final short story, and based on how things are going, it’ll end up a similar length to the second story – I’m banking on around 20,000 words. At the moment I’m 1,500 in and the scene is slowly being set. This story will be quite different from the first two in terms of characters, but I won’t give away too much just yet!

Here’s to a successful final period for The Vanishing Villa giveaway, and a smooth journey writing the final story.


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