The Juggling Act.

So many things. All of the things.

Sometimes it feels as though life is a never-ending struggle to keep multiple priorities in check whilst striving for some forward motion. Writing is no different. In fact, writing is a microcosm of life.

New things start, old things die. There are clashes and drama. Writing has taught me about life, and life has given me the skills to deal with writing. When I was young, I was naive: I thought life would be simple; a linear trajectory leading to ultimate success. How wrong I was! I had to learn to prioritise, to deal with disappointment, and above all, to learn to deal with myself.

In terms of my writing, I’d love to just focus on what I enjoy doing: creating new stories, and having people read them. The reality is that there’s a lot more to the business of writing than simply generating new content. The devil is in the detail, and the details are never ending. In my current situation, that means I’m working on a pitch for an upcoming event, trying to keep momentum happening in my new novella, and maintain my social and web channels.

All of that leads to a conundrum: in the middle of all this juggling, how do you find time for what matters? I mean, we all struggle with the constant juggle. I think the key is to keep things set in jelly: give yourself space to fail, and to change priorities as necessary. As such, I’m committing myself to grace. Grace to fail, and grace to get to where I wanna go in a timeframe that doesn’t burn me out.

So here’s to the juggling act; in life, and in writing.

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