#TwitterFiction Festival: The Last Lesson.

An exciting announcement to start the new week: I’m going to be a part of the 2015 #TwitterFiction Festival!

I’m super pumped about the opportunity to combine two of my favourite things: tweeting and writing! There are so many great writers involved with the festival and I’m totally stoked to be part of it.

So what’s my contribution going to look like? Well, I’m going to be continuing the story of Qan, the young man I wrote about in the short story Qan’s Adventure. Over three one-hour installments on May 12th, 13th, & 14th, I’ll use several character accounts to tell the story of Qan’s last meeting with the Great Mentor. It’s a dark story which will examine how far someone will go to help their friends – because heros often hide dark secrets.

Sounds interesting! So how do I join in the fun?

I’m glad you asked!

Sign up to The Last Lesson Twitter List.

You can easily follow The Last Lesson on Twitter by clicking here: It’s a Twitter list that will contain all the main characters of the story (As I write this, it’s still under construction, but sign up now so you’re ready to go!) As the first part of the tale unfolds, you can read it on The Last Lesson list, tweet by tweet.

Click here for the Twitter List.

Use the Hashtag #TheLastLesson.

All my tweets about The Last Lesson will use this hashtag – you can also use it to discuss the story and follow the action as it unfolds. Also, check out the #TwitterFiction hashtag while you’re at it!

Follow me for more updates.

My Twitter Handle is @IHLaking. I’ll be running a countdown to the beginning of The Last Lesson, as well as tweeting like I normally do. Come say hi! I love to chat.

That’s it, folks! I’m heading off to write some more of the hundreds of tweets I’m going to need for this fictional experiment. Looking forward to seeing you on Twitter soon!

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