Mansfield Manor: 10,000 Words of Murder Mystery Goodness.


It’s been an epic few days for writing, and tonight I took a bit of time out to plot another story, before having a crack and getting The Murder at Mansfield Manor over 10,000 words.

Now that I’ve written the actual murder, the story is gathering pace. It’s going to need editing for pacing, but it’s great having everything down. I also found myself completely changing the aspects of one character in the middle of a scene – just because it felt natural, and will make much more sense in the story’s context.

Mansfield Manor is set during The Freeze, so I’m making every effort to paint the venue as warm and inviting, despite the sinister happenings that are taking place. The hardest part will be keeping the word count down now – I’m fairly certain it’s heading over 20,000 words at this rate.

Good times all round!

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